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Founded in 2008, Marcxell Group is a U.S.-based conglomerate with diversified operations in 17 countries.

Marcxell Group is a privately held company that has been operating for several years in the United States, Europe, Sub-Saharan Africa, GCC countries, Africa and Asia. Marcxell Group’s business activities include: construction, finance, engineering, mining, investment, fashion, music and film production, development, manufacturing, technology.

The Group is associated with several world-class organizations that provide their products and services in emerging markets, particularly on five continents. The Group’s operations are seamlessly managed from its global headquarters in Titusville, Florida (USA) and offices around the world, deploying the highest standards of business and governance. Marcxell Group is in a growth mode, consolidating its dominant position in its existing business areas while seeking to expand its revenue streams in the coming years.

Headquartered in downtown Titusville, Florida, Marcxell Group has longstanding relationships with its subsidiaries, including many prestigious government agencies, due to its commitment to providing exceptional service and superior quality. And to host a specific and often unique organization.

Marcxell Group is dedicated to the communities in which we invest. Marcxell Group companies have successfully proven their ability to implement complex development projects involving both “building from scratch” and major renovation programs.

John Kamin Marcxell


    Marcxell Construction

    Marcxell Construction offers complete construction solutions for ambitious projects of all sizes. With eight unique divisions, our construction company prides itself on its ability to guide projects every step of the way, from conceptualization to final completion.


    Marcxell Finance

    We are a company of talented, forward-thinking people who seek to make Marcxell Finance a destination of choice for global investments. As a primary point of contact and trusted advisor for companies around the world who wish to invest in their businesses, we make it easy by financing development projects and exploring investment opportunities around the world.


    Marcxell Minerals

    Marcxell Minerals is the African leader in mining. We have the largest number of sites in Africa and the most innovative and reliable products and services. Gold and diamonds offer us the strongest security of supply and quality, thanks to our exceptional vertical integration from mining to the production of complete service solutions.


    Marcxell Production

    Marcxell Production is a full-service company with a state-of-the-art studio, comfortable atmosphere and highly skilled staff. We offer complete music production services: recording, mixing, production, engineering and mastering.


    Marcxell Fashion

    As the very first ultra-luxury brand of its kind, Marcxell Fashion is the creation of its Founder and President – John Kamin Marcxell. Like most of the brands we love most, Marcxell Fashion started in 2018 with little more than a good idea. The Brand evolved by expanding the collection and introducing it to a wider market.


    Sertico Engineering

    Sertico Engineering and Design provides engineering studies and design services for facilities in the residential, commercial, institutional and wastewater markets. We provide this excellent level of attention through teams of experienced professionals based in the U.S. and Europe who provide a variety of services worldwide.


    JNJ Cabaret

    JNJ Cabaret in Florida is a cabaret opera, not mastodon and yet it is deceptively large, with a strong presence of passionate volunteers throughout the organization, including the management. Among the musical events, it stands out for its eco-citizenship approach, its openness to different artistic expressions, its atmosphere and the quality of diversified programming.


    Marcxell Foundation

    Marcxell Foundation is a charitable association for women and children. Marcxell Foundation was created in 2010 to provide women and children around the world with immediate protection and support services against domestic violence, child abuse and human trafficking. It is the world’s first licensed non-profit shelter that operates specifically for the care of women and children. The services offered by Marcxell Foundation are in full compliance with international human rights obligations.


    Marcxell Group Zambia

    Based in downtown Lusaka, Zambia, Marcxell Group Zambia has successfully established itself as a development, management and investment company in several areas: development, finance, investment, construction, mining, energy, pharmaceuticals, ecology, power plant and waste management.


    Marcxell Group UAE

    Based in the center of Dubai in the United Arab Emirates, Marcxell Group UAE has successfully established itself as a development, management and investment company in several areas: development, finance, investment, engineering, gold and diamond sales, fashion, music production and real estate investment.







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    Our Services

    Marcxell Group Our Services Construction
    General construction

    Marcxell Group’s building revitalization team offers you a comprehensive suite of expert services to retrofit, repurpose or renew your asset. Our team brings together cost-effective solutions, leading-edge design and high-performance building systems to help you transform your aging and dated asset into a distinctive modern structure with the dynamic urban character critical to attracting high-quality tenants.

    Marcxell Group Our Services Investment
    Investment & Development

    Marcxell Group is an organization that invests in small and medium-sized enterprises as well as in companies in difficulty. We invest and develop by helping small and medium-sized enterprises grow in the early stages of their development. With companies in difficulty, the Marcxell Group helps companies get back to a good financial footing.

    Marcxell Group Our Services Production
    Music/Film Production

    We are full-service music and cinema Production Company with a world of experience spanning six continents. We deliver studio recording, film production and creative solutions for our clients. Marcxell Production’s most trusted Production Company for commercials, corporate images, episodic broadcast content, unique video project and audio mixing recording.

    Marcxell Group Our Services Engineering Design
    Engineering & Design

    Sertico Engineering and Design has collaborated on a diverse range of engineering projects throughout the state of Florida. Our engineers have a combined depth of experience and design expertise that allows us to provide our clients with industry-leading structural engineering, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, civil engineering and plumbing services. We ensure our engineers have the resources and tools necessary to deliver these quality services while providing creative, cost-effective and fully-functional solutions for your projects.

    Marcxell Group Our Services Gold
    Gold/Diamond Market

    Marcxell Minerals is a Franco-Zambian company created by precious metals specialists. The company is based in Lusaka, Zambia and through physical mining and agencies at your service to buy or sell your precious metals at the most competitive prices on the market. Our production mine in Zambia supplied: 92% quality raw of gold and rough diamonds of all sizes and type: FL- IF – VVS1 – VVS2 – VS1 – VS2 – SI1.2.3 – I1.2.3. We aim to remain N° 1 in Zambia and leading positive change in our industry and the industries that depend on us. As a mining company, we use our resources, our presence in Africa and our expertise to produce high-quality gold and diamonds.

    Marcxell Group Our Services Nonprofit
    Non-profit Charity

    Marcxell Foundation was created with the sole aim of providing equal opportunities for future generations by improving educational opportunities for orphans and less privileged children around of the world. Regardless of religion, ethnicity or gender. As such, to achieve our goals, we share a culture of education and culture with orphaned children and mothers living alone and without resources. We facilitate a more adapted living environment by bringing water, electricity, clinics and we pay for children’s schooling in order to stop child slavery around the world. Our organization was founded by Mr. Kamin Marcxell for the well-being of minorities.

    Marcxell Group – Marcxell Construction

    Project in Vietnam

    Residential Building; Institutional and Commercial Building; Specialized Industrial Construction; Infrastructure and Heavy Construction.
    Full-service Music, Film and TV Production; Live Performances, Concerts and Staging; Trade Show and Fashion Week; Social Entertainment.
    Real Estate; Joint Venture and Micro-Companies; Studio Production and Musical Projects; Branding and Public Events; Non-Governmental Organization.
    Construction and Development; Pharmaceutical Industry; Hi-Tech and Communication Networks; Renewable Energy and Waste Recycling.

    Meet our Leaders

    Marcxell Group Derrick

    Derrick Kakompe Mushika

      Iva MG

      Iva Mergancova

        General Manager,
        Marcxell Group
        Jerome L

        Jerome Longelin

          Marcxell Group Gerard

          Gerard Jalloul

            GENERAL MANAGER,
            MARCXELL GROUP

            Marcxell Group Video

            Marcxell Group of companies serves as the full support and business development arm of various affiliated entities of Marcxell Group which have been established and in operation since 2008. Today, Marcxell Group has established itself successfully as a development company, leading investment and management. Our portfolio includes over millions of dollars owned and managed in multiple areas of business worldwide.

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