Marcxell Fashion started as a modest side project in July 2018 and quickly became a reference that took on a life of its own. You have made this possible and I am extremely grateful for this incredible opportunity to inspire you to become your best versions. This style is for you, the demanding, the wealthy and the ambitious who dare to think innovatively in a time of unprecedented change.

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We are the reference brand. Haute couture since the beginning, we have imagined a new concept. One that allows our customers to challenge the status quo. A solution that raises people’s potential. Be unique.



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We are a global team of insiders of luxury apparel and fashion innovation trends.

Marcxell Fashion celebrates all the luxuries of haute couture that enrich our styles, but also aesthetically and emotionally. We stand for a new definition of luxury fashion. Beyond bling. Unpretentious. A conscious and elevated life. Stories of luxury business and lifestyle. Distilled, undiluted. Welcome to the world of fashion. An inspiring and challenging world that we hope will lead to positive changes in clothing skills.

We have a passion to do things differently. A commitment to creating jobs. We intend to employ thousands of workers around the world, mainly in Paris and Los Angeles. To become the leading player in haute couture in the United States and France.

We believe in local manufacturing, from an efficient and ethical point of view. We rarely subcontract cutting and sewing in order to be able to control quality. This is part of our commitment to our customers. It also contributes to the development and improvement of the standard of living and skills of our workers. We are deeply committed to quality and efficiency to advance the interests of our customers, workers, shareholders, community and the world.

Dear associates and friends, you have told me that you like the direction Marcxell Group is taking and I thank you for that. In my capacity as CEO, President and Founder of the Group, I will therefore, for this mandate, assume the leadership of our entrepreneurial adventures on the road to success, confirming the steps already taken; our national and international deployment, which will be accompanied by the distribution of our products and services in a range of markets made infinite by the development of e-commerce, which I am making my hobbyhorse at the head of our Group.

John Kamin Marcxell